The game of football was brought to the island by the British in the early 1900s. Ever sense, it has remained one of the top sports on the island, second to cricket.


In 1928 the national federation, the Bermuda Football Association, was founded, although it took the federation 34 years before getting affiliation with FIFA and CONCACAF.


In 1963 the federation started the Bermudian Premier Division which is to be the top division of Bermudan Football and still is today. In 2006, the BFA started a new professional club known as the Bermuda Hogges which started play in the USL Second Division, the 3rd tier of the United States in 2007. In 2009 the club moved down to the USL PDL, the 4th tier of the United States. –


Each club in Bermuda has its own history and part in the development of football in Bermuda. Please see below some stats provided by


Over the years, some of Bermuda’s greatest players crafted the art of the game which led them to becoming some of Bermuda’s most popular footballers. With that said, there is no one place were future generations can read and learn about Bermuda’s history.


We are seeking more information about Bermuda’s football history so that it can be told here. One of the aims of the Clyde Best Foundation is to take this information and create an actual physical location with pictures and video about the history of the game. History about:

  • The northern BELCO equipment site use to be a field called “the Box”
  • Historic teams – Dock Hill Rangers / Hotels International FC
  • Great players – Ralph “Gumbo” Bean / Marichal “Mopp” Astwood / Coolridge Bell - just to name a few


If you have pictures and information to share, please contact us and we will get it uploaded to the site.

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